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The place where History and Refinement sit at the same table. Dating back to the 19th century, with all the inaccuracies that time has brought you,
Quinta da Macieirinha now knows a new configuration, after the Solar do Vinho do Porto : ANTIQVVM.
A space where you can not only count on the monumental beauty of the building and the gardens that surround it,
but also with a privileged and unique landscape in the city Invicta.
To all this, add a masterful kitchen – by the excellent hand of the Chef Vitor Matos – and a wine list not less enviable.


Vítor Matos * (Host)
+ Ricardo Costa ** (The Yeatman . Porto) + Pedro Lemos* (Pedro Lemos . Porto) + Rafa Centeno* (Maruja Limón . Espanha) + Fernando Agrasar* (As Garzas . Espanha)
+ Oscar Geadas (G . Bragança) + Francisco Gomes (Confeitaria Colonial . Barcelos)


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